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Why should I join CASKA?
Your membership fee supports a club that gives people opportunities to paddle together, helps them learn from each other through a lively Yahoo group, provides resources on its website, hosts an informative blog, promotes safety, advocates for access, and in other ways works on behalf of sea kayakers.
Who should join?
Everyone is welcome, but most of our members are sea kayakers who paddle on Lake Michigan and local rivers. If you value our website, blog and/or Yahoo group; if you want to meet other local sea kayakers; if you want to support and promote sea kayaking in the Chicago area, you should join!
How long does my membership last?
January 1 to December 31, regardless of when you join or renew between those dates.
What does membership cost?
$15 for individuals. $25 for families.
What does CASKA do with my money?
We pay our expenses, including website hosting and incorporation fees. We pay our own membership fees to the American Canoe Association and the Illinois Paddling Council. We sponsor events, such as our annual picnic and meetings. We represent the club and our mission at events, including Canoecopia. And we buy real cool BPA-free water bottles for our members.
How does this relate to what instructional centers offer?
CASKA members include many certified instructors and we sometimes provide some informal instruction during club paddles and events, but we do not offer the thorough curriculum that local instructional centers provide. We strongly encourage paddlers who wish to improve their skills to take courses from these instructional centers, which are an important element of a thriving paddling community.


Which Lake Michigan spots in Chicago allow parking with a trailer?
Jackson Park (63rd St.) inner harbor permits only cars with trailers, but charges $25. (This is the lot on the west side of Lake Shore Drive, which you access from Hayes.) You can park a car and trailer at 12th Street Beach, but you pay for two vehicles there. The fee varies depending on special events. Off-season you might be able to park at Diversey -- again for a fee -- but we've found permission to enter the lot somewhat hard to predict. You can also park with a trailer at Montrose/Wilson along the side of the street if you can find a spot, and at Calumet in a lot (for a fee).